The SPACIO is a suspended-style canopy for anybody looking for a design solution that leaves a strong impression. Its unique and original impluvium shape adds modernity and personality to any outdoor space.

Spacio Courtyards.

For all those who are looking for a design solution that instantly leaves a lasting impression
SPACIO is an undeniable favourite among architects as it brings a touch of modernity to any space, Its unique and eye-catching shape gives character to any exterior. So it can quickly bring a space to life.
Water is collected and discharged through a central collector made of high-capacity composite resin.

Epoxy Fibreglass Central Rain Collector.

Its large central rain collector makes it easy to quickly get rid of rainwater and to prevent spilling over. The shape also includes enough space for a hand for maintenance in the case of overfilling.

Available Area.


• 36 m2
• 64 m2
• 100 m2

Hexagonal module

• 52 m2
• 75 m2

Octagonal module

• 100 m2


A chance to improve the utilisation, flexibility and efficacy of these spaces throughout the seasons.

Learn how to incorporate commercial Canopies in outdoor areas to increase the benefits for customers eating and relaxing outdoors.

Each of the products listed has its own advantages and performs with slightly different purposes and functions.



8 x 8 m or 64 m2
10 x 10m or 100 m2


Metallic Structure

1 central pole in white lacquered steel to collect rainwater with a metal structure and cables.


Metallic Structure

-Flexible composite membrane with high tenacity.
-Mass: up to 1050 gr/m2
-PVDF or acrylic surface treatment.
-M2 fire classification IEUROCLASSES B-52-DOI
-Several membrane colours available

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