The Offset Foot Courtyard: Maximum Functionality.

Diamond Yard.

For more floor space, avoid creating an obstacle in traffic, maximize the m2 covered, DALO offers the DIAMANT courtyard with an offset foot, 1, 2, 3 or 4 heads, you will find with DIAMANT the solution for your spaces .
Many configurations are possible. Juxtaposition of heads, square, L-shape…

The offset foot courtyard covers an area of ​​up to 100 m2. As for the entire DALO range , it is possible to juxtapose 2, 3 or 4 heads while maintaining the seal between the different structures.


Metal structure, monobloc anodized extruded aluminum profile comprising a frame with gutter.
Offset carrier post (open passage) galvanized steel treatment. (RAL paint optional).
Jib arm: curved galvanized steel tube frame.
All hardware is stainless steel.

Roof – Membrane
Cupola or manta shape.
Quality: PVC coated polyester, resistance 6 tonnes/linear metre, weight from 650 gr/m2 with anti-dirt acrylic varnish treatment.
M2 fire classification 
Roof color: white or grey.


Designed for regions with high wind pressure and large snow loads

Available Area.


• 1 roof, equivalent to 16 m2
• 2 roofs, equivalent to 32 m2
• 3 roofs, equivalent to 48 m2
• 4 roofs, equivalent to 64 m2

MODULE 5 x 5 m

• 1 roof, equivalent to 25 m2
• 2 roofs, equivalent to 50 m2
• 3 roofs, equivalent to 75 m2
• 4 roofs, equivalent to 100 m2

Roofing – Membrane

High tenacity flexible composite membrane.
Mass: from 650 to 1100 gr/m2
Acrylic surface treatment.
M2 fire classification (EUROCLASSES B-S2-D0).
Several membrane colors available
Optional marking (logo, text, etc.).


Aluminum steel metal frame with steel
Compliant with NV65 standard (resistance to snow and wind).
Structures 100% recyclable.
Lighting system. Protective foam…

Why Diamond Canopies

Diamond canopies create a fantastic outdoor space that can be used with a variety of uses. Multi-purpose applications include retail and leisure, as well as educational requirements for outdoor learning and car ports, as well as an additional protection for bikes or equipment for commercial spaces.

Our canopy can be used for a range of applications, including covered areas for free-flow play and playground shelters spaces for waiting, walkways that are covered outdoor dining areas, and locker rooms. They are perfect for protecting employees, customers or students from weather and sun, and transform previously unoccupied areas into cozy and inviting areas that are used all year long, no matter the conditions.
Because of our cost-effective engineered designs, our canopy is very sought-after by nurseries and schools since our canopy offers the best value-for-money and provide outstanding protection from the elements.

Recent Diamond Installations.

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