About Us.

About Dalo Canopies.

Dalo Canopies is a trading name for Jovis Limited, a Colchester, Essex based, British owned company with extensive experience in canopies, working with leading British Architects and Engineers dedicated to designing elegant and practical structures.

All our Canopies are installed by qualified tradespeople and include a warranty.

A group of like-minded, imaginative, hard-working team who will make every effort to get you what you want and need, so we can sleep soundly at night knowing we got it right!


Design, Build & Installation

We have an extensive modular range of structures available. Alternatively, we can work with you on a process that includes all commercial canopy design, component manufacturing and installation. All to the highest quality.

Our Manufacturing Abilities

Our team of designers take attention to detail and quality to the highest level so you get the best commercial canopy for your project.

Our Amazing Modular Product Range

Our range of Dalo Canopies are designed and built to meet your needs for outdoor conditions.

DALO is a subsidiary of the BHD Group, a French leader in the textile industry.

With 400 employees, more than 40,000 m2 of workshops and a turnover of nearly €70 M, the BHD Group is the French leader in the transformation of technical fabrics for the protection of people and goods.

With extensive design and manufacturing capabilities, a range of knowledge and extensive expertise, the Group is able to meet the needs of many business sectors: textile architecture, environment, agriculture, civil protection, military, aeronautics, industry & construction, events, sports – leisure & outdoor, transport, signage in France and abroad.

Our Recent Projects.

What We Offer.

Canopies for Retail, Carparks, Aquatic Centres, Schools, Nurseries, Universities and all education facilities, Local Government, Shopping Centres, Public Areas, Cafes & Restaurants, Care Homes, Hospitals, Sporting Venues, Events and more!








Why Use Canopies?

A chance to improve the utilisation, flexibility and efficacy of these spaces throughout the seasons. We incorporate commercial Canopies as outdoor areas to increase the benefits for customers eating and relaxing. Each one of our products has its own advantages and performs with slightly different purposes and functions.